Something about me !

My name is Ronce a.k.a Lezarius. I'm a scientist on web, I do a lot of thing. I try to make a better world (wide web, of course). Passionated by new tech and politics. I'm writing on my blog, and a book in my spare time.

Nonetheless my spirit is open for all univers and all people. This is my super power !

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Ronce Mazabraud


In 2013 :

Create visual identity and communication for a company.

Heuzef 33000,Bordeaux

Assistance in the design and analysis of modern architectural.

Cokaliti Illustration 33270, Floirac

Showing some case in court and study criminal case.

Maître Robert 33000, Bordeaux

En 2012 :

Front-end development on many websites.

Incomm 33270, Floirac, France

En 2011 :

Marketing and customer relationship in mall.

Mag Presse 33270, Floirac

En 2010 :

Learning techniques of making jewelry.

Bijouterie Bernard Espina 33000, Bordeaux


Diplôme National du Brevet

Maison Familiale du Blayais 2011 à 2013

Brevet de secourisme

Maison Familiale du Blayais 2011 à 2013


HTML & CSS 80% Complete
PHP 40% Complete
linux 80% Complete
Réseaux 40% Complete
Git 60% Complete
Team Leader 70% Complete
Marketing 60% Complete